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Electro Hyper Sensitivity

3% of the British population suffers with ehs.  I imagine this a good number to use for the population of other developed countries - and this is only what is reported - many may have it but can't explain what is causing their ehs-related ailments.

This might be a clue to the cause of what is ailing you

One of the gravest Health Concerns our society faces is MICROWAVE RADIATION, CELLPHONE RADIATION



I am honoured to network you with these amazing world leaders in this non partisan research: They epitomize the definition of being a Healing Friend for they are devoted to serving us so unselfishly.


Dr. Magda Havas PhD.



Dr. Devra Davis PhD.




Dr. Steven Sinatra MD


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Microwave Radiation


The Safe School Committee at is committed to Parents and the Health and Well-being of Children in Schools.

We must remove WiFi from schools everywhere.



My name is Mark Mueller and I want to be your Healing Friend.

The goal of this Healing website is to share with you the knowledge of the Healing Skills I have learned and to present you with you my circle of Healing Friends and those whose Internet presentations I admire and believe may be of value to you in your Healing.

Of special note: Owing to that I have not invested in an education in the healing arts which a Health Practitioner does, I feel that whatever Healing activities I can share and participate in should be my gift to you for God has given this as His Gift to me.

In my service to help people with their ailments and health concerns I would like to invite Healing Friends throughout the world to participate on this website.  It's free although I do ask that when it is successful that you give back to your Community - Let's bring back the concept of barn-raising and not let it become a fairy-tale.  I also ask that the websites offer genuine health services and or health information and is not a  website that is focused on revenue generation through sponsored ads (one or two maybe): Email me at: healing

My friends, in closing, as my Gift of Healing Energy.comes from my Creator: (God or many of the other inclusive names) , I pray (in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ) that you will find the information which will be useful to you, that His Healing be upon you and or your loved ones in this time of need, and ask that this website receive His Blessing so that it may be developed to serve as a beacon of Healing Light.

With smiles and happy thoughts,

I am,

Mark Mueller

Toll free in North America 1.888.558.6248

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada 416 769-7700


The Public must demand Healthy Homes and Living Environments:  We have the non toxic raw materials and we have the Technology.

We can do all things through Love which strengthens us.

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Image Guided Therapy:  Believe with the Love within yourself.

We are all angels here on earth with one wing.

it is when we come together as friends that we can learn to fly.

Do you suffer with


(Multiple) Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness

In the USA 12.6 percent of a population sample reported an unusual sensitivity to common chemicals, and 3.1 percent had been diagnosed as having MCS.  I imagine this a good number to use for the population of other developed countries - and this is only what is reported - many may have it but can't explain what is causing their mcs-related ailments.

In today's society we bathe ourselves in chemical concoctions: from chemical-based perfumes and chemical-laden soaps, hair gels,hair spray, make-up and other cosmetics that represent a billion dollar industry.  The skin is the largest human organ and by applying these chemicals onto skin the toxins are absorbed into the blood-stream - is it any wonder that people sometimes have a day where they are feeling ill.

Visit our website for more information about what's in the products we are using.

What is important to understand that while most of us have healthy immune systems which can deal with these toxins, what many don't realise is that by constantly inundating ourselves with the toxins our immune system weakens.  For many it might not have a devasting effect yet for some that day might come when your immune system says "I can not deal with these toxins anymore" and poof all of a sudden life changes dramactically - just ask someone who must deal with their Chemical Sensitivity.

Not only do these toxins which we apply to our body (and on our clothes) impact ourselves, as do the chemical cleaning agents and buiding materials in our living enviroment, it also affects those people around us who are suffering with MCS.  My friend, whom this website is dedicated to finds it very challenging to go anywhere for any length of time without becoming ill.  While it may not affect you personally we need to effect change so that if perchance you do become afflicted with MCS - which I pray does not happen - life will be sweeter for you and others.  You could see it life a form of an insurance policy.

We do have non toxic products including organic products yet we must become vigilant in preventing the concept of green-washing which has become so prevalent

The best tool for us is the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet): all manufacturers are required by law to present this product content information upon demand.

This website is dedicated to my Healing Friend: June, for it was her that has guided me in this direction to Shine Love to the world and be helpful to others as she has been so unselfishly helpful to me.



Safe Living Technologies Inc. Logo

Safe Living Technologies Inc. can provide you with the knowledge and technology (products and services) to protect yourself at home and at work from potentially harmful EMR exposure (Electro Magnetic Radiation). Buy EMF Meters, RF Detectors, Shielding Products, Demand Switches and more. Your source for Natural Beauty Products: The queen Bee is a healing friend to humans and the earth.  Click on the link in this image to follow the Queen Bee on her feel the bee blog.

beauty basics for a new generation of beauty

Michelle, a.k.a. the Queen Bee, hand crafts an amazing selection of Natural Beauty Products made from beeswax, jojoba oil, raw shea butter and essential oils: Solid Scents / Natural Perfumes and Colognes plus Natural Body, Facial and Lip Balms.


CBR Products: Manurfacturer of quality VOC Compliant Coatings

CBR Products makes great coatings for wood stone, concrete, stone and other substrates. For building projects CBR is a good source to have: need to stain a deck or a cottage ot paint a home.  They can help you with most any building project, large ofr small.  Call them Toll Free in Canada and the USA.


Sandy Hook Soap Factory Logo

Handmade Natural Soap & Personal Care Products. Large selection of Natural Soaps, Shampoos, Lip Balms, Baby Soapand Castile Soap. No dyes, no preservatives and no chemical scents

Gerson Institute Logo

The Gerson Institute is definitely a leader in natural healing specializing in treating CANCER patients and those with a Chemical Sensitivity.  They have a collection of books that can be very helpful and the Gerson Diet while demanding may influence positive change.

It is in the depth of our breath that we can direct the Healing Energy to any area in the body that we desire.  Inhale the Energy and at the crest of your inhalation use Image Guided Therapy to direct smiling thoughts and prayers to the area within that needs healing.  Use colours (colors) and any other ideas you may have.  Then with your exhalation let go of all the tensions and visualize the toxins and tensions leaving the body.  This is more so smiling thoughts versus medical advice.

Click on this image to visit the Safehaven website.
We Love Safehaven.

Safehaven Project for Community Living offers respite services for Families with children with special needs. Come and be a volunteer and learn a lot about Healing.

Allerair Logo: Manufacturer of quality Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

Home & Office indoor air purifiers featuring activated carbon and HEPA. At AllerAir they believe in manufacturing air purifiers and air cleaners that truly clean air - not partially clean, but completely clean the air. That's why they believe that all indoor air purifiers need activated carbon in addition to high quality HEPA filters. Having met the President of AlerAir (and interacted with his Team) his leadership and dedication to improving the air that we breathe is most inspiring. AllerAir is indeed a Healing Friend.


Bronte Creek Organic Gardener Logo

Organic Lawn Care & Organic Garden Care: Natural Organic gardening methods are used (no pesticides nor chemical fertilisers). Your children and or your pets can play safe in the lawn and garden. Buy Organic gardening products such as Grass Seed, Worms and Worm Castings for sale.

Bronte Creek Organic Gardener


Sivananda Yoga Organization Logo

Industry Leader for Yoga: The Sivanada Organisation has Yoga Centres & Yoga Ashrams worldwide. My yoga vacations at the ashrams in Quebec, Canada and the Bahamas have contributed amazing healing elements. My treasured aspects are that they ar very knowledgable re. the Health of Body, Mind & Soul and it's a great environment with like-minded Healing Friends.

Massage Lady

Deb: The Massage Lady and her Team  in Toronto can provide you with very relaxing Seated Chair Massages in your office and or home.  They will travel to you which takes us back to the days where Health Practitioners made house calls.

Healing ThoughtsA Cup of Healing Energy + some poems that reinforce Positive ThinkingDream Big, The Greatest Things In Life, Take Time, Positive Thoughts, & A Simple Prayer (by St. Francis).


Non Toxic Building Products

At our Non Toxic Building Prroducts website we strive to network you with non toxic building solutions:  from paints and primers; sealers and stains, caulking and grout to air cleaners or air purifiers, organic barrier cloth and other organic and less toxic products. Call Toll Free in North America: 1.888.668.6248























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